Third Wave Outreach

Exists to empower the Third Wave Missionaries, the Indigenous People, globally through technology in partnership with Indigenous Communities and Christian Ministries.

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States in Brazil


Indigenous Communities





Where there is an Indigenous Christian Church we affirm and support in any way they need to take root and shape.

Where there is no Church, we work in partnership with individuals and organizations to get one started, take root, and shape.

“The Native Americans have been a sleeping giant. He is awaking. The original Americans can become the next greatest evangelist who will help win America for Christ!”

Billy Graham

Ministries TWO Online

History - 3 Generations

Roger and Ellen Bailey – Pioneers to Brazil in 1952 to Reach the Unreached with the Gospel with New Tribes Mission (Ethnos 360°)

David and Diana Bailey – Church Planting among the Krikati for over 30 years. Directors of Third Wave Outreach.

Denis and Oli Bailey – Founder of Curumim Action, Directors of Third Wave Outreach, TWO School Online, and TWO Chruch Online.

Welcome! A word from Pr. Denis

I am so glad you found us! We are here to Gather All Churches and spread the Whole Gospel to Reach the Whole World.

We mentor and coach a missionary movement so individuals in local regions can do missionary outreach ministry.

People from all walks of life go through all sorts of things, and I am here to serve you. I want to get to know you, walk with you, and encourage you.

Here is what I have to offer you: an Online Community, how our Online Church Works, and Your Well-Being as one who has a calling!

I am a Christian Mental Health Coach, missionary, pastor, husband to my wife, Oli, and Father to Chloe.

Soon I will have Online Training available and Online Church for you to join us. Please sign up and I hope to meet you soon!

Indigenous Children's Ministry

Curumim Action was started by Oli Bailey as she began to work with the Indigenous Children.

Online School

We needed to teach and prepare our volunteers in remote locations, we created e-courses, and the results were excellent!

Discipleship and Mentorship

We mentor and disciple volunteers through online video group calls, doing Trainings, Prayer meetings and much more!

TWO Church Online

We do Online Church Meetings for our remote community to get to listen to Indigenous and non-Indigenous Missionaries and Pastors.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together!

Lets walk together!

Walk with us!

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