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By admin in Uncategorized on April 15, 2021

For a long time working with the volunteer ministry, mobilizing teams to do children ministry Curumim Action has been a lot of work and fun. With over 10 years of experience we have learned a lot and during this time we have developed our 22 values that define who we are.

But there has been a challenge in recruiting and deploying new leaders. Usually after 3 years we have new leaders due to many move on in life with busy work, school or family schedules. The thing that keeps recurring is the need to train new coordinators. Here is an overview of how we are hoping to proceed.

In March of 2021 my dad and I held a meeting with the chief and the leadership…

Overview of the meeting with the chief and leadership for the proposal of a Transcultural Leadership Training Course:

Tuesday at 7:30 pm we, Dad and I along with the chief, vice chief and 12 to 15 others present, gathered at house of the city councillor of the county. At the chief’s request from my previous private meeting on Sunday at 2 pm.

The proposal is for us to do a weekend training to prepare future leaders of the ministry of Curumim Action, volunteers to become coordinators of teams.

We operate our Curumim ministry applying indigenous and non indigenous leadership principals, mostly indigenous. Its a challenge to teach people how the organizational structure works for tribal people as many of them don’t comprehend it just by talking or teaching verbally. Most coordinators last at the most 3 years and we constantly see changes of coordinators as many, move, get married, study or have children. The constant changes is a set back as we have to continually gather new leaders to assist.

The following program is what was proposed to them.

Friday have an opening ceremony, following the making of staffs and choosing names for the teams. Saturday morning will be Darel’s (my brother) responsibility to develop activities to teach leadership skills and the importance collaborative teamwork activities. Saturday at 4 pm we will gather in the center of the village where powwow meetings take place for major and community discussions and decisions. We will invite the community to share with the team 1) what makes a good chief, 2) the challenges and difficulties they face and how they view leadership from their culture and way of life. There is a vast difference between a chief and president where good chiefs are voice for what the people need and desire. Presidents are hierarchical structures where they decide and no ifs or buts, all must comply. Both are good in different settings.

Saturday night we will have a bondfire and have small discussion groups about what we learned, following a word from Dad in regards to missions.

Sunday morning will be other activities under Darel’s supervision. We will be doing a partnership with a military type training to apply and teach how other styles of leadership work. All with the desire to experience and show transcultural leadership settings so we can learn from each other and prepare future leaders to know how to deal with issues that may arise and how to lead in each situation.

They all expressed great interest of the prospect of having something to help their younger people participating to learn about leadership skills. Also there was raised the concern of the pandemic at hand and the loss of so many lives in recent months and how some have not taken it seriously.

It was expressed that we should go through the National Federal Indian Organization, if the coordinator approves we then will plan. The chief finalized that it would be best if we went together. We launched doing this event the 16-18th of April, but it has been decided we will see how the pandemic unfolds for better decision making so we don’t risk being contaminated and contaminating others by reducing the spread.

At this moment of this writing we still have no idea when we can do it.

Many other stuff was talked about but in the end it was a very good talk and we look forward to seeing when things get better for us to do the Transcultural Leadership Training Course.

Share with others about what we are doing as Third Wave Outreach. Pray for us as we plan and move forward on a Online Platform ministry.

You can make a donation to Third Wave Outreach:

By donating you will help us to be able to cover expenses and we do not wish to charge the indigenous for the event and be able to provide food and help those that are on staff with us to be able to dedicate their time and efforts in this mission.

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