Admission Policies

Each candidate/student desiring admission to Mercy University must complete the application form online for Mercy University Admissions Office. The application will include a pastor’s recommendation, a short autobiography, documented previous transcripts, documented independent study, and a resume of recent work experience. This is required for a complete evaluation. It should include: 1) Company; 2) Company location; 3) Start date; 4) End date; 5) Position; 6) Responsibilities; 7) Accomplishments.

Suppose a candidate/student has attended Bible Colleges or Liberal Arts schools. In that case, the candidate/student should use the request form for an official transcript, available upon request, to be sent to Mercy University. It must include: 1) Ministry; 2) Start date; 3) End date; 4) Responsibilities; 5) Accomplishments; 6) Number of hours per week. If a candidate/student attended any Training Centers or schools where no transcripts were given, a complete list of courses, dates, grades, and the name and address of the location/church where the classes were held must be submitted. This must be submitted with official letterhead and be notarized.

The cost of tuition is just a monthly fee, there is no cost for textbooks, and it is all done online.

Transfer and Granting of Credit Hours

Mercy University accepts transfer credit hours from other educational institutions appropriate to the student’s degree program in Bible and Theology. Bachelor-level students may transfer up to 72 credit hours of the required courses and 30 credit hours of elective courses. To be eligible for graduation from the Mercy University Bachelor program, a transfer student must complete a minimum of 42 credit hours of required courses from Mercy University. The Mercy University Associate program is precisely fifty percent of the Bachelor program, which requires 144 credits. Only credit hours with a grade of “C” and above will be transferred from other educational institutions. The credit hours granted for occupational experience in the ministry depend on the student’s position and how that experience relates to a degree program.

Refund Policy

Notification of withdrawal from a course must be made in writing.  After the beginning of classes, refunds for tuition will be made according to the following schedule:

First Week 100%, Second Week 75%, Third Week 50%, Fourth Week 0%

Tution and Fees

Any other inquires for other related issues in regards to costs you can contact the instructor.


A student who finds it necessary to add or drop a class must submit a completed form to the Admissions
Office. A student who drops a class without fulfilling the withdrawal requirement will receive a grade of
“UW” (unofficial withdrawal). Changes in registration may be made during the first two weeks of classes.
Classes may not be added after the third week unless approved by the Director of Admissions. No grade will be recorded on the official transcript when a student drops a class within the first week of the trimester. Classes dropped after the first week and before the third week will receive a grade of “W”
(withdrawal). Classes dropped after the third week will receive a grade of UW (unofficial withdrawal).

Grading System

Final grades are, for the most part, based upon the student’s individual work, such as: homework, quizzes,
exams, and written paper. However, other areas are taken into consideration such as: attitude, attendance and

94-100 A
86-93 B
78-85 C
70-77 D
Below 70 F

Incomplete Grades

Students who have not completed all requirements for a course because of extenuating circumstances must
obtain a Petition for Incomplete Grade form from the office and have it approved by the course instructor.
The petition and a final grade sheet will be sent to the office. A $5.00 charge will be assessed for
each petition submitted. All required work must be completed and submitted to the instructor within thirty
days of the final class meeting. Instructors will assign incomplete grades: I/B, I/C, I/D, I/F.
Students who do not complete the required work within thirty days will receive the alternate grade
(Example: B, C, D, F) assigned by the instructor.

Repeating Classes

Upon approval of the instructor, a student may repeat a course for which a grade of “D” or “F” is received.
The last grade received will be used in computing the student’s cumulative grade point average.

Intent to Graduate

Each candidate qualifying to graduate from Mercy University must file an Intent to Graduate form with the
Admissions Office at least six weeks prior to the time of graduation. All candidate forms must be
forwarded, along with pertinent required information, to the Home Office.

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