External/Distance Degree Students

Admission Procedures

1. External/Distance students are enrolled in an educational program that promotes communication
through the mail. Students will receive their books, homework, tests, and other information from
Third Wave Outreach. Completed assignments must be sent to the Third Wave Outreach.

2. External/Distance Degree courses are in-depth studies.

3. It is not required to have “External/Distance” stamped on your material or your degree.

4. Tuition payments for correspondence students are SENT to your Instructor.

5. Homework is open note or open book and does not need to be proctored (monitored by someone).

6. Quizzes and exams for each course must be proctored for the student taking the exams. The forms
are to be properly attested and returned to the Mercy University Home Curriculum Office with all
pertinent information to their work.

7. Student records are maintained in the Home Curriculum Office. The Home Curriculum Office
must maintain all student information, applications, autobiographies, requests for evaluation,
financial agreements, transcripts of completed courses, and transcripts or credit hours transferred
into Mercy University.

8. No graded homework or term papers will be returned to the students. Students will receive a grade
sheet with the grade they received for the course or courses.

Online courses are available through Third Wave Outreach in partnership with Mercy University.