General Information

Mercy University is a not-for-profit evangelical religious organization founded in 1990. Mercy University
operates pursuant to the State of Florida Education Code for exempted organizations.

We are purely a theological college. We are not a member of any regional accrediting body. However, we
are a member of the Accrediting Commission International for Schools, Colleges, and Theological
Seminaries noted in the Library of Congress (Tx1-191-576).

Mercy University is accredited by ACI, a private, non-governmental agency, and is not regionally
accredited. ACI has not sought U.S. Department of Education recognition at this time, nor does ACI
guarantee the acceptance of academic credit by colleges and universities or other bible schools.

Mercy University is not a job placement service and makes no claim regarding employment.

Mercy University does not seek or receive any State or Federal funding.

The Degree Program “Tracks” are not meant to be rigid. We desire to help each student fulfill his/her calling.

Through testing and evaluation, it may be possible to receive credit for a course or substitute a course. Each
student must be evaluated individually.

Students that enroll with Mercy University, who already have a degree in Arts or Science, MUST be
evaluated. We do offer to students the possibility of becoming candidates for the next degree by completing
pre-requisite courses.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of Mercy University is to equip and train Christians to be influential members of the Kingdom of God. Briefly stated, our objectives are to give students:

1. A thorough and systematic instruction of the Word of God to provide a foundation for building life’s
spiritual experiences.

2. The ability to relate the basic principles of the Bible to today’s living, to walk the spirit-filled life, and to
know God’s voice.

3. The preparation to fulfill the Divine calling.

4. The equipping needed to fulfill Jesus’ command to “. . . go ye therefore, and teach all nations”
(Matthew 28: 19), along with the training and experience to be a leader.

5. The vision of God’s restoration of His Church and spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom to the ends of
the earth.

6. To prepare students for life management and to benefit the community as a whole, enabling the student
to participate in the working world, as well.

Mercy University aims to equip men and women for a lifetime of service to Jesus Christ. A careful blending of academic excellence with practical experience achieves this. Students are guided by a
faculty of teachers educated in the Word of God who are committed to the Lord Jesus.

We believe Mercy University offers the serious student of the Word the opportunity to make sound Christian
education a reality.

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