GoFundMe 2021

Hello there, my name is Denis Bailey. I was born and raised in Brazil as a missionary kid. I am married to my lovely wife Oli and we have a beautiful daughter Chloe. We live in Brazil and are dedicated to full time ministry, working alongside my parents as a third generation missionary.

I am passionate about serving my community in a unique way. I have been following Jesus since I was a child and have been called to ministry over 10 years ago.

Several years ago I did my first fundraiser on GoFundMe, we were able to raise funds to build and host a couple websites that has changed my way of viewing how we can do missionary ministry and impact people’s lives by taking enriched information from amazing teacher to people who have a great desire to learn, for free.

One of the biggest challenges working in a country as our size, (Brazil is larger than continental United States!) is the cost to get to these locations to do ministry, the cost of getting trainings to the students and the difficulty in getting students and teachers to a central location to be trained and to be able to train is huge. The solution? Take the training to them through an eLearning platform by creating e-courses on the website.

Which has lead me to do 2 types of online schools which has reached individuals across the nation of Brazil (and North America) and resulted in the lives of many indigenous children and communities impacted through outreach ministry done by the students in their locations

I have spent hours and many late nights making videos for classes, building websites and fixing technical issues. Also it involves creating the marketing material and getting published, on top of that planning and organizing the activities. There are many meetings with teachers and facilitators which all puts a lot of demand on one person and sometimes can be overwhelming.

Last year, in 2020 we had our first online school with 70 sign ups, in 2021 we had over 120 sign ups (more likely 160!).

I am desperately and urgently needing a technical team to help me get ready for next year. We want to do the training twice a year to prepare people for Transcultural Indigenous Ministry especially with the children. I need a specific team that will consist of a:

1) Web Designer
2) Video Editor
3) Graphic Designer
4) Journalist
5) Secretary
6) Director

So we can better provide assistance to a larger body of facilitators and teachers for working with more students, volunteers and team leaders.

Also this team will serve for other purposes to help assist other Missionary Ministries in Brazil and the US.

Since I was 15 been I have been learning about the internet, internet marketing, how to rank websites in the search engines, using communication skills and so much more. My life is dedicated to seeing people in Cross Culture Ministry empowered and equipped to better reach people with knowing Jesus and His Teachings in a contextualized way.

I can’t do this alone and at this point I need to raise enough money so we can hire a team that will be committed for a whole year to be:

Building and managing websites
Making videos and snippet content
Creating digital pictures and content
A journalist who can write content and publish them on our networks
A secretary who can keep tabs and maintain the team running smoothly
A director to oversee the whole operation.

These are over 8 projects/ministries I oversee.

What are these projects and websites?
Ação Curumim (Portuguese version) – www.acaocurumim.com
Curumim Action (English version) – www.curumimaction.com
Third Wave Outreach – www.thirdwaveoutreach.org
MHauseNetwork – www.mhausnetwork.com
MK Connect – www.mkconnect.org
Escola ATOS (Our online School) – www.escolaatos.org

There are four other websites that are being worked on and assisting other small Missionary Ministries, and a couple more that need help!

I am alone and the know how to do all this stuff requires people who have the skill and know how to do the work in a way that I can meet the desired outcome.

The cost to hire, run and manage this team will be an annual budget of USD$50,000. We will need to have roughly USD$4,200 a month to be able to pay the individuals to be committed to producing all the content mentioned above.

Our Mission as Third Wave Outreach is to cultivate relationships with the Indigenous and non-Indigenous people that have a calling on their lives that desire to do Indigenous Outreach Ministry empowering volunteers/students with tools to reach out to Indigenous Communities. We provide training for Indigenous and non-Indigenous volunteers to learn the correct approach to taking Jesus to Indigenous people by being taught and equipped by indigenous and non-indigenous missionary teachers on the field with many years of experience and how to apply it in their local communities so that we can grow trust and respect by walking and ourneying with them.

Who we are: We are a faith based ministry seeking to strengthen and empower Jesus followers where they are at and plant the seeds of the gospel in places where Christ is not known and strengthen believers where they are at. I have been inspired and by my Grandparents lives being dedicated to coming to Brazil in 1952 and my parents ministry that I have seeing and been a part of since I was born.

Get my free eBook about my Grandparents lives for a limited time! www.thirdwaveoutreach.org as a present to you!

Will you join me and this endeavor to take this ministry to the next level? I can’t do it alone and hope you consider praying and contributing to this unique ministry.

Thank you for taking the time to read and learn more about what we are doing!