Mercy University Vision

As the prophet of old has commissioned us, we now set our hands to write the vision of
International College of Bible Theology, so that: “…Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, That he
may run who reads it.” Habakkuk 2:2. (NKJV)

1) ONE CROSS FOR ALL – To cross the cultural, racial, and denominational lines for unity,
fellowship, networking, and progress. To have an open door through Mercy University to all who
desire to join us in a common goal and for the highest good. To proclaim one cross for all
cultures, races, denominations, and peoples.

2) UNITY – To build up the Body of Christ by networking with churches large and small, international
as well as local ministries. This networking encourages seasoned leadership ministries in the
small, local Church to promote unity and fellowship among pastors, Church leadership, and parachurch groups through active service.

3) GOSPEL – To go with the lifeline of the Gospel, to educate with love, integrity, and without

4) GO YE – To go wherever there is a need, to rich or poor, to majorities or minorities, to large or small
churches, to free or bound, to go where many fail to go, and to meet the needs before us.

5) THE CALLED – To make available opportunities to those called to minister and to expand their
horizons through new associations and experiences. Mercy University desires to aid new and/or
younger ministers in fulfilling God’s call on their lives.

6) EDUCATION – To propagate the Gospel to the poor, minorities, and small churches through on
site and correspondence schooling that teaches the basics of Christianity, as well as more in-depth
levels in Christian teachings.

7) APPLICATION – To bring opportunity to students by making teaching and information available to
them for practical application and beyond traditional confines.

8) DREAM A DREAM – To cause each person we associate with to catch a vision, to dream, yet
another dream, and to keep their eyes on Jesus, the author, and finisher of their faith.

9) THE CALL – To encourage each person to move out of his/her comfort zone, to be all he/she can be
for Christ, and to fulfill that call upon his/her life. To encourage each one to pursue his/her purpose,
live up to his/her potential, and produce the Fruit of the Spirit.

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