Native American Children Need Water

Not just the children but the elderly should not be exposed to harsh conditions and can be prone to sickness and lowered life expectancy.  In South America many Native Americans are unable to have access to good quality water.

Even when it is put in place there is no funds to maintain it and its upkeep. Many places are in very poor condition. I know what it is like to live in a community that had reasonable water, but then the lids to the water boxes were off, birds and frogs take their share and leave such conditions to exposure to contamination.

Living in a reservation my wife was constantly struggling with her health. Even though the water is tasty, clean and good for drinking the lack of quality can cause many people to get sick. Will you help us reach out to our Native American Friends and provide them with better quality of water?

I want to share a quick story with you. Several years ago out of the blue I get a call from the 50th Battalion Infantry of Imperatriz, Maranhão, Brazil, they call me up and requested my presence because the Colonel wanted to talk with me about our Project with the Indigenous Children. We went to meet with him with my long time friend and companion Dedé.
He proposed a three way partnership with themselves, the FUNAI –  the Federal Government Indigenous Organization and our Curumim Action Project. They would provide the vehicles and man power, medical and dental professionals, FUNAI would provide the assistance and fuel and we would just take our team and work with the kids.

We went to a Reservation I have never been to, a four hour drive. It was really far and access is not easy.

The area is so remote that it takes 2 days to walk to the biggest city and get any type of medical attention. Access to many things is very difficult here. I met some amazing people. Many of these locations had hand dug wells.

It was an unforgettable trip we are grateful for the partnership that allowed us to meet new people and visit new places.

Some locations have water yet many remote locations don’t and there is a great need for getting clean water to them.

Budget: Each locations presents itself with different challenges. Finding a drilling company that will risk going to these locations can greatly raise costs, getting research and professional assistance and installing the setup of the waterboxes and pump all depend on how deep the well is. Cost will vary from USD$ 10,000 to USD$ 20,000.

You can make a difference in countless lives by Giving Better Life Quality. We are a non-profit registered organization both in North and South American. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

All donations are tax deductible.