Hi! My name is Denis Bailey. I am the Pastor of Third Wave Outreach. I had a very different life growing up on the mission field. I was homeschooled in a tribe and lived next door to my grandparents at the base of the Amazon jungle of Brazil! Today I follow my calling and desire to see the Indigenous People in remote locations reached! I have discovered many tools, resources, and processes that help teams in remote locations get even more remote locations. I exist to see those with a heart on fire for Jesus to go out and have no idea where to start and how to get going. We live to take our tools and teachings to those who can’t come to us. Through the power of the internet, we empower people to do ministry by taking a team of volunteers to places that are hard to access.

I have just created my first course in English for doing Online Church. These are tools and resources that can be used for any Online Ministry. Over 50% of the World’s population is online! And this is how I am reaching you!

I will teach you how to master a successful ministry locally and online.

I will teach you how to create an online church structure.

I will teach you the theological points to justify Online ministry.

I will show you the framework for organizing your ministry online.

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