Online School of Theological Studies for MKs, Missionary Kids

Modern education of international students or immigrants

Are you an MK that is done with or finishing your schooling and don’t know what to do with your life quite yet?

Are you an MK still on the field helping your parents as co-workers? Or did so at one time?

Are you an MK that desires to study theology and academically learn more about God?

Are you an MK that has the heart to do Missions or follow the line of work your parents do or did?

Are you an Adult MK that has long since left home but in your heart, there was something you felt left unfinished?

If you can answer “Yes” to one of these questions, you are in the right place!

I can imagine the struggle you have had or are currently having, trying to find our carve out a place in a world we don’t quite belong in and trying to fit our past experiences, missions, and God into our current reality. It may have seemed like a dream or not real anymore, but our experiences and past burn in your heart.

I grew up in a tribe, was homeschooled, never went to boarding school, wanted to be a missionary, never did a four-year seminary, got married worked for five years, with the support of a local church, in the same place I grew up, alongside my lovely wife. Altogether I lived there for 27 years, and my desire was when I was finished there or if God moved me on, there would not be another outside Missionary or Pastor, but an autochthonous leadership put in place.

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I tried to join an academic school, but I didn’t have the money (it was $240 a month), I tried to join a missionary agency, and God said, “No.”

I was stumped and thought, “What am I doing or have to show or tell people I am doing?” I have had many fears and doubts, but a dream, a promise, and a love for Jesus kept me going.

In 2018, when I was in the US trying to sort this out, a grown man was tagging along with his parents with a wife and a baby on the way. It was a challenging time, but that was when…

God opened the doors for us to establish Third Wave Outreach, Inc. It’s a Church and functions as a Missionary Agency, founded by MKs for us MKs to do ministry with the Indigenous.

Third Wave Outreach, in partnership with Mercy University, is providing a Bible School Education for Missionary Kids so they can study homeschool style with live online classes, if possible, once a week.

This unique opportunity allows MKs to pursue a degree while studying at home, overseas or in their passport country. You can study at your own pace and be a part of a community of other MKs studying together.

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The cost of this course is half what I would have had to pay when I was seeking higher education. Doing this Online Bible School of Theology for MKs will reduce the time and effort for an MK to learn the language, culture, and adaption to 4 to 10 years. We, as MKs, already have friendships developed in the places we live, and they can begin to be actively involved in ministry while also under the supervision of Third Wave Outreach directors.

I invite you to join this community, study at your own pace, join classes online once a week and decide how far you want to go with God on this journey.

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