Student Responsibilities

The undergraduate student is one: who is fulfilling the requirements for an Associate or
Bachelor’s Degree, and is interested in receiving an academic education and completing
the prescribed requirements of a well-rounded theological education. In most cases, this
student will pursue a full-time career in Christian service.

Degree students must complete prescribed work beyond that required of certificate and
diploma students, usually a term project, book report, or extensive work-study
assignment. The course commentary will define the amount of the student’s additional

There are two categories of Students, on 1) On Campus and 2) Correspondence. Since we are only dealing with Correspondence Students, we will address only that.

Correspondence students are those enrolled as distance-learning students who
study independently at his/her own pace. He/she is not required to attend any classes.

Weekly Online classes will be made available once a week with your instructor. The
correspondence student reports directly to your instructor.

All graduate-level students are correspondence students and will receive
courses and direction from their instructor.

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